Doula Anna

Doula Turku Pori Lohja
Doula as a profession

Fate led me to support mothers and their partners during pregnancy and birth. My friend asked me to be her doula in 2014. Even then the midwife told me I should be a doula, because I had such "natural skills”.


Another friend also asked me to be her doula in 2015. During that birth I realized I had a lot to give to the parents and that I was meant to do this. I am present and calm and not fazed in odd situations.


Because of my own rough life experiences I am able to be supportive in many situations and atmospheres. I am a spiritual person but have my feet firmly on the ground.

I have experience from over 25 births. I have been in many kinds of births, some medical, some natural, and some with partners, some without. I have also been in planned homebirths and one unplanned homebirth. During the births I have witnessed many kinds of situations, some rough, but everyone of my clients has been very satisfied with their experience.


I think it's important that every mother has the chance to experience the kind of birth that she wants, be it medical or non-medical.


Non-medical pain relief methods are needed, even if the mother wishes to have medical pain relief during her birth, because you cannot go to the hospital straight away when your birth starts, but need to be able to fend for yourself at home first. A doula can help you find ways to feel comfortable up to the point when you go to the hospital. As a doula, I also give the father or partner tips on how to help the mother. A birth plan is made according to the client's wishes and needs.

My special skills are hypnobirthing (relaxation and breathing techniques), water birth and homeopathy. All of these fit well with clients who wish to have a natural birth as well as those that wish to use pain medication.


Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medications.


I support a flexible view of birth and want to help you find the most fitting way to give birth, so that the experience will be as positive and empowering as possible. With the help of your own birth plan and wish list I can help you prepare for your birth and release possible fears.


Let's think together what kind of birth would be best for you and how I can help you (and your partner) achieve it.

I have been the chairwoman of the Finnish Hypnobirthing association and am a member of the Nordic homeopathic association's board. I work as a doula in hospitals in Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Tampere, Pori and homebirths and support all kinds of families and women giving birth alone.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

ICHypnosis, London, 485 h

Certified doula

Doulakka 250 h

Lactation consultant

WHO 20 h

Hypnobirthing childbirth educator

The HypnoBirthing Institute

Water birth class

Midwife Johanna Honkanen 5 h

Homeopathic practitioner diploma

Finnish homeopathy academy 4 year training

(plus 1 year medical basics training)

Reiki I and II

Teacher Mika Marttila

“Anna was present during the whole birth and helped us with concrete measures and mentally, so that everything would go well. I felt like we did it together. ” 

Master of Social Sciences

Turku University

(Philosophy, Women's studies, German translation)

Spinning babies

7 h workshop, Jennifer Walker

I'm very pleased with my birth experience and everything went better than I dared hope. Thank you! I RECOMMEND!
Outi Kaski-Laakso

Recognize sexual violence and act

4 h training

Good weekdays for children -training

6 h

(Good parenting project)