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What is meant by hypnosis or hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we experience for the most part of the day, for instance if we are focusing on a task without our conscious mind or driving somewhere and noticing we are already there. So we were in a hypnotic trance state while driving, not focusing on every turn and lane change, but driving automatically. So hypnosis means a state of mind where the conscious mind has moved to the side a bit, and we have straight access to our subconscious mind. Only 5 % of our thinking is conscious, while the remaining 95 % is subconscious. Our subconscious is in charge of our actions and feelings. 

In hypnotherapy, the therapist induces a trance state and gives the client useful suggestions to deal with an issue or remove a negative habit. So hypnotherapy means therapy which is done while the client is under hypnosis. When the client has direct access to his/her subconscious resources during therapy, the therapy works much faster than plain conversational therapy, and the improvements are permanent. 

Many people are still sceptical about hypnosis, wondering if they can be hypnotized at all, or will they be under the control of the hypnotist. What if something happens to the therapist while the client is under hypnosis? 

In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so the client decides to go into trance and is in control the whole time. A hypnotized person is not under anyone's control and cannot be given harmful or negative suggestions. For instance, if the hypnotist would try to give the suggestion to transfer a thousand euros into her account, the client would immediately come out of the trance, because the suggestion is so weird. So the client has full control of the situation. If something were to happen to the therapist during a session, the client would come out of the trance and be able to react, the same way he/she would be able to react while driving in a trance-like state, if encountering danger on the road. The biggest obstacle to being hypnotized is fear. That's why getting proper information about hypnosis and having a trustworthy relationship with the therapist is very important for the success of the hypnotherapy session. 

Hypnotherapy can be used to deal with different kinds of problems or to remove unhealthy habits like smoking. Different traumas can also be resolved during hypnosis, and you don't have to relive the traumatic event all over again, but you can resolve it in a dissociative state, watching yourself go through it from a safe distance. Hypnotherapy is used to support becoming pregnant during IVF treatments, to remove fear of childbirth or needle phobias or to resolve a traumatic birthing experience.

Hypnotherapy 80 e/1,5 h, according to used time. 

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

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