In hypnobirthing training:

Mom learns:

  • Deep relaxation techniques and how to go into a deep relaxation during birth.

  • Ways to release fear before birth.

  • To use affirmations and visualization to influence positive birth outcomes.

  • Lots of information about physiological birth.

  • How to prepare for birth physically and train her pelvic floor muscles and perineum.

  • Special breathing techniques for the opening phase and the birth of baby.

  • To make her own birth preference list.

  • To strongly bond with her baby even before birth.


The birth partner learns:

  • Ways to help Mom stay in her deep relaxation state and to make her feel safe during birth.

  • Physical ways to support Mom with touch and different positions.

  • Lots of information about physiological birth.

  • To make his/her own birth preference list.

  • To strongly bond with the baby even before birth.

  • To defend Mom's wishes and communicate with hospital staff about her wishes.


It is preferable to attend the training as a couple, but if you are giving birth alone, you can attend alone. The classes are held on weekends or as private classes during specific times. You also get relaxation mp3's with which you can practice relaxation at home.

You can always ask about a private class.

I also give classes via Skype for people who live farther away!

Feedback from hypnobirthing training:

It's unbelievable how good I'm feeling after my second birth, I can walk and sit normally which took about two weeks after my first baby was born.


❤ Thanks to hypnobirthing/Anna

Doula Turku