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Post partum doula

I will be happy to help and support you in the postpartum period. The period after giving birth can be tough with insomnia and baby blues. You and your baby may have difficulties with breastfeeding or perhaps you are recovering from a C-section and would need help with basic everyday things. Perhaps you need a listener and a shoulder to cry on or vent your feelings on. Maybe you would just like a little time on your own and someone else to come cook, clean or entertain the older children for a while. Perhaps you need homeopathic treatment for yourself or your baby after giving birth, or you would like help to lift your mood with, for example, Bach flower drops.

I offer you all this in the form of post partum doula. Feel free to contact us and we will customize a post partum doula package that is just right for you!

Mother and Baby
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Post partum doula package:


- breastfeeding control visit

- a homeopathic consultation for you and your baby

- Reiki treatment

- 10 hours of post partum doula at the time and content you want (e.g. conversation support, cooking, childcare help, cleaning help)

Price 500 e (incl. VAT)

OR we will customize your own suitable package for you!

Feel free to ask more!

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