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Cesarean section doula

Would you like a doula to accompany you to the c-section? If you are going to the c-section alone and would like the support of a doula, I am happy to be available to support you. Or if your partner can't come to your c-section for some reason. You can usually only take one support person to the c-section, so unfortunately both the doula and the partner cannot both join.

We can meet together even before your C-section appointment and talk about your wishes, what kind of support would you like in your own C-section birth? If necessary, I am also helpful and supportive in post-c-section recovery and during maternity leave. (see post partum doula package)

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Cesarean section doula package:


- one appointment before your c-section appointment

- in the attendance section

- a relaxation recording with affirmations in the section

- breastfeeding guidance visit at home after C-section

Price 300 e (incl. VAT)

OR we will customize your own suitable package for you!

Feel free to ask more!

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