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Berievement doula

A bereavement doula for support during pregnancy termination:

As a grief doula, I am there for you if you are planning an abortion. I can come with you to doctor's appointments and to the department where the termination is performed. I will be your emotional support throughout the process and, if necessary, even after it.

A bereavement doula for support during a miscarriage:

As a grief doula, I am there for you (and your partner) after you have experienced a miscarriage. If necessary, I will come along to the ward and doctor's appointments. I offer emotional support and help in handling the matter.

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Bereavement doula package:

May include, for example:

- discussion meetings with a doula

- the doula's presence in the ward and at doctor's visits

- hypnotherapy or Reiki therapy to support grief processing and relaxation

- home visits after miscarriage or termination of pregnancy

- Bach flower drops to support the processing of sadness or negative emotions

Price from 200 e

Let's tailor together a package that's just right for you!

Feel free to ask more!

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