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TENS device rental

TENS device

My doula packages include the loan of a TENS device, and I also rent devices separately in 4-week periods for birth use.

The Elle TENS device is specially designed for use in childbirth and has a convenient strap from which you can hang it around your neck, leaving your hands free. The TENS device provides mild electrical stimulation to the muscles through electrodes attached to the back, so that the pain caused by the contractions is disturbed and alleviated.


The TENS device also increases the production of the body's own painkillers, i.e. endorphins, during childbirth. By using the TENS device, the production of endorphins remains at a level corresponding to the intensity of the contractions throughout labor. The TENS device is a drug-free pain relief device that is suitable for use both during the latent phase, during the active phase of labor and during post-contractions.


The TENS device should be ready at home while waiting for the birth to start, and it should be switched on at an early stage so that endorphins can be released well. The device has plenty of room for adjustment, from which the intensity of the stimulation can be increased as the intensity of labor increases.

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