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Doula Turku
"If doula was a medicine,
it would be unethical not to use it."

Tri John H. Kennell

Supporting you during pregnancy, labor and post partum

What kind of birth would you want? Are you dreaming about a calm and relaxed birth where you are supported, listened to and encouraged? Do you want to learn how to make your labor shorter, easier and less painful? 


Do you wish that your partner would also learn how he/she can support you in the best possible way? Do you wish to avoid unnecessary medical procedures and use as few drugs as possible? Do you want to succeed in breastfeeding your baby?


I want to offer you all of this, so that your labor will be an empowering highlight of your life, which you can look back on even when you're older. 

Basic package

  • 2 meetings before birth

  • TENS machine loan

  • 4 weeks on call time

  • Phone and email consultation

  • Presence during birth

  • 1 meeting after birth

  • Price 950 e

  • Read more here

Hypnodoula package

In addition to basic package:

Immediate doula package

  • Phone consultation before birth

  • Presence during birth

  • 1 meeting after birth

  • Price 500 e

  • Read more here


Hypnobirthing training


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