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Customer feedback

Doula feedback for Anna
Doula Turku

I decided to ask for a doula very early in my pregnancy. I had heard that the midwife might change during the birth and anyway I understood that the birth could also become difficult for the father/support person. Therefore, asking for a doula felt natural.


Anna was chosen as my doula because we know each other from before. Anna has already helped me with nutrition issues during my pregnancy, which she has a lot of expertise in due to her education and interests. I also had support with anticipatory contractions, which I had for more than half of my pregnancy. Anna and I started going through things related to the actual birth well in advance of the calculated time. In a way, we create what I consider the "ideal birth script". It was essential that I would have peace of mind during childbirth and that unnecessary medical distractions would be avoided. My husband and I also went to additional childbirth training, where we studied body relaxation through self-suggestion. Anna has taken the same course, so it was easy to use the techniques in question together with her.


The actual birth was slow, but peaceful. I found it very empowering and I experienced very little pain, mostly during the effort phase. Anna was with me throughout the birth and tried to help both concretely and mentally to make sure everything went well. I felt we did it together. I don't have much experience in being able to trust others in a difficult situation. That's why the experience was really great. After giving birth, Anna still helped with nutrition and other matters.

I recommend hiring a doula to anyone who wants a more positive birth experience. In times like these, we need each other more than ever. Getting by alone is admirable if it works for you. However, sharing things and working together is natural to me. Shared experience goes a long way. In addition to a doula, you should think about who in your close circle can help with the child well in advance during pregnancy. A small child requires a lot and all the help is necessary.


Feedback from homeopathy class
Doula feedback

I attended Anna's Homeopathy during pregnancy and birth class before I knew I was pregnant with twins. I got good knowledge about homeopathy and its uses in different situations. Without this class and Anna's help I wouldn't have made it through the very difficult and risky pregnancy as well as I did and my birth also went without any pain medications.


I recommend this class warmly to anyone who is pregnant or planning to be! 


“I'm very pleased with my birth experience and everything went better than I dared hope. Thank you! I RECOMMEND!”


Outi Kaski-Laakso

Doula feedback from a Dad

In what different ways did the doula help you prepare for the birth?

The doula helped us prepare for the birth by giving us so much advice and food to think about about labor, pain relief, labor, hospital practices and breastfeeding, etc. I was able to participate more in the preparation for the birth and the actual birth because of the doula.

What benefit did you feel the doula had for you?

In addition to the above benefits of a doula, I was able to focus better on helping my husband during childbirth, because the doula took care of the realization of the birth wish list and other practical matters.

Did the presence and support of a doula help you achieve exactly the birth experience you had planned?

Our plans came true (e.g. no medication, timing of going to the hospital, birth wish list, etc.), and without a doula it wouldn't even have occurred to me to make a very precise plan.

Can you imagine how your birth experience might have been different from what it is now if a doula had not been involved?

We probably would have gone to the hospital about 10 hours earlier and it would have been stressful to talk to the hospital staff. We wouldn't have known about non-medicinal pain relief methods (water, sound, relaxation, etc.) More all kinds of procedures would probably have been done.

What would you say to someone who is wondering if it's worth hiring a doula for childbirth support?

Definitely worth it. Above all, you should think about childbirth and related matters as much as possible. Knowing about things reduces fear and panic, so as a father you can better support and protect your mother.

- Ilkka Virkkunen

Doula feedback

In what different ways did the doula help you prepare for the birth?

Our doula Anna helped us prepare for the birth by telling us about various pain relief methods and giving information about the course of the birth. We rented a birth pool and a TENS device from Anna. Anna also recommended literature for us to read and relaxation sounds for childbirth.

What benefit did you feel the doula had for you?

Thanks to the doula, my birth was easier. I experienced less fear and was relaxed long before the birth itself. Without a doula, we wouldn't have been able to plan everything related to the birth so carefully.

Did the presence and support of a doula help you achieve exactly the birth experience you had planned?

Thanks to the doula, I was able to experience exactly the kind of birth I had hoped for. I had hoped to give birth naturally without drugs. We didn't go to the hospital too early so we didn't spend a long time there, we were able to stay at home for a long time. With Anna's help, we had prepared a birth wish list and I didn't have to talk much in the hospital.


Can you imagine how your birth experience might have been different from what it is now if a doula had not been involved?

Without a doula, my birth would have definitely been a much more stressful experience and I would have had to do a lot more talking myself in the hospital. The birth would not necessarily have gone as naturally as it did now.

What would you say to someone who is wondering if it's worth hiring a doula for childbirth support?

If you think about the money to spend on it, hiring a doula is definitely worth it. It's such a big thing and an important experience, and afterwards you can be really grateful that you hired a doula. Hiring a doula is especially worthwhile if childbirth scares, excites or distresses you in any way.

- Anette Salo

Doula feedback

In what different ways did the doula help you prepare for the birth?


Birth can go in many different ways. From the doula, we received detailed information about the normal course of childbirth, as well as various exceptions. The doula helped make the plan we wanted the birth to go according to. The doula also helped to make a backup plan in case of various changes and needs. I wanted a natural birth as possible, but it didn't work out that way. Plans, preparation in advance and the presence of a doula made it possible for me to have a good birth experience despite everything.


What benefit did you feel the doula had for you?


The information received in advance alleviated the fear of childbirth in advance. All I experienced was an anticipatory excitement before giving birth. In addition, the knowledge of the presence of a reliable person in the upcoming gathering helped to relax. I received a lot of emotional support before and during the birth. During the birth, the doula helped relieve my pain and made me feel better in many different ways, e.g. by massaging, providing a suitable environment, helping to breathe and holding hands. He observed my well-being and suggested and enabled better positions or other things. Doing things with the midwives was also easier when the doula was present. He was an invaluable support to my spouse throughout my long labor.


Did the presence and support of a doula help you achieve exactly the birth experience you had planned?


The doula helped with the things she could influence, her presence helped to accept other things. I was hoping for a birth where I myself would be happy, the baby would be born healthy and well, and I myself would be in good shape after the birth. The doula's help in fulfilling the first wish was of primary importance.


Can you imagine how your birth experience might have been different from what it is now if a doula had not been involved?



Giving birth would have been more difficult both mentally and physically. My husband would have been really hard without a doula.



What would you say to someone who is wondering if it's worth hiring a doula for childbirth support?


The doula has experience in many different births, she has been present almost every minute and will be so in the client's birth as well. A doula has a lot of information about the course of childbirth and a lot of ways to make it easier for the mother and the spouse. The spouse usually lacks this extensive experience, and the midwife cannot be with the birthing person all the time. If you don't have to manage alone or together with your spouse, you should definitely bring a doula along.

- Veera Ylä-Pelto

Doula feedback

The hopes were for a natural birth, and since using a doula during labor would improve the chances of that, I wanted one for my birth. We ended up with the express doula package, because my husband and I had attended a couple of childbirth trainings independently and felt that we didn't need a full doula package. A quick doula comes to the birth if she has no other clients at the time. However, Anna promised that if she couldn't make it herself, she could recommend another doula and that probably someone would be able to attend. This was good enough for us. I felt confident about my own strength and I knew that my husband had also prepared well, I just wanted a little extra support for the birth. In the end, Anna got there herself, and made it from Turku to Helsinki just in time. We arrived at the hospital almost at the same time, even though the birth had progressed quickly.


In the end, the doula was an awful lot of help. Even though we were well prepared, in the situation itself you don't remember everything and you can't think logically. Anna had homeopathic preparations, essential oils, music with her; she also gave instructions to my husband, My husband was especially grateful that the doula was there after the birth, when I was taken to the operating room and the husband would have been left alone with the baby for many hours. Anna came to visit us shortly after the birth and we went through the events together.


Hiring a doula for childbirth is definitely worth it, you can't have too much support! I can recommend Anna for that job.

- Anna Merenkova

Birth story

Some time has passed since the birth, approx. 4 months. I hope, however, that I mostly remember the process of giving birth.

Preparation for the birth was on a good foundation for me, the pregnancy had gone wonderfully and I felt really good. I think our doula Anna had also prepared us well and we knew what to expect and what our wishes were.

Unfortunately, the birth was contrary to what I would have hoped for at the time, the latency phase lasted an inhumanly long time, so I already started to lose hope for a completely natural vaginal birth and I was even mentally prepared that I might have to have a caesarean section. Anything, if only I could give birth!

As I remember, the latency phase lasted 3 days, the contractions started already on Monday. On Wednesday evening, the contractions intensified and, as I remember, the mucus plug started to come off. The contractions were really frequent (approx. every 3 minutes) and regularly. Anna also agreed with us when we called late at night that it would be worth going to the hospital at this point. I don't get in the car and pick up Anna from the side of the road and to the maternity ward. The mood was high and it seemed that the work had started.

But unfortunately there was a false alarm and the contractions stopped in the fire at the hospital. We were sent back home.
On Thursday, the socks were already really fierce, you probably didn't sleep at all during the whole night between Wednesday and Thursday.
Anna visited us and called a zone therapist. I got treatment on the soles of the feet, and Anna also tried a certain "spinning babies" technique that would get the baby's head in a better position. We hoped for the best.

At around ten in the evening, the birth seemed to start in earnest, I couldn't really manage at home anymore. I was already exhausted by then and so was my husband Simon. We went to the hospital, Anna also came there. We thought that this might still be the latency phase... but luckily it wasn't anymore, we investigated the situation and I was already 3 centimeters dilated! The news was great and I was finally able to give birth. We got a bigger birthing room that also had a bath room. It was wonderful to get into the tub, the warm water and the back shower helped. But unfortunately I was so tired that I couldn't really get a good position in the tub, I wanted a position where I could lean so that I could rest between contractions. So I finally sat on the exercise ball and leaned on the bed. I changed positions many times, I don't even remember what positions I was in. Sometimes on the floor, sometimes on the bed.

But unfortunately, the birth took a really long time on top of that. From that 3 cents to eight took several hours. The night came and went, I didn't even notice that it was day, the same night just continued. In the morning, the membranes were punctured, after that the birth started to progress faster. A scalp probe was put in, which was actually better because I got rid of one of the probes around the stomach that had been so annoyingly pressing on the stomach the whole time. My stomach felt tight anyway and it was difficult when there were those lumps everywhere.

The classes went on and everyone started to be beyond exhausted, including Anna and Simon. I changed the position, gave instructions and got a lot of help and support to make my feeling more tolerable. I drank a lot of liquid and also managed to eat a bit.

Anna also massaged my back, probably more than I even remember afterwards. He also did a relaxation exercise with me, which helped a lot.

Little by little, it was already starting to feel quite difficult. Anna went to get something to eat, and in the meantime, the midwife at the time, who I think acted like a robot, started to shake me. I wanted to know what the benefit of that epidural would be if it prolonged labor when it was talked about, and I didn't get a proper answer when I wanted to hear his opinion on the matter. The matter almost escalated into an argument. At that point, a slight temperature started to rise and I was given intravenous anti-inflammatory medicine.

Anna came back and at that point the midwife and if there was another one in the room, they said that the epidural would be in place so that I could rest. Anna also said directly that it is worth taking. Well then I agreed. I was afraid that the birth would be prolonged even more, but as I remember it was said that it might even shorten it if everything goes well. An anesthetist on the spot and a thorn in the back. Having an epidural was one of the worse experiences during the entire birth, I didn't like the feeling at all. I was really scared, because the needle is right next to the spinal cord. A little spinal fluid escaped and I felt it as a slight cutting sensation all the way to my head. It could have resulted in an epidural headache for a couple of days, but luckily there were no problems afterwards.

Then I slept in a coma for about three hours. Anna and Simon also got to sleep for a while. You could see on the screen how strong the contractions were, but I didn't feel anything. Then, recently, the effect of the epidural began to wear off and, as I recall, that oxytocin was then administered. I don't remember much about this part, the effort phase started pretty soon after that and I was probably completely open at that point. Sometimes I was even on my feet, I remember being advised to lie down or to be in a squatting position, because I was already so exhausted that my legs just shook when I stood.

At some point, more epidural and oxytocin were added, but I didn't notice it, and I don't remember it, but Simi said afterwards that it was added.

The effort phase lasted only 17 minutes. It was a pretty wild ride. By then, the use of voice had gone from a deep "uuuu" sound to a raspy one. Acupressure on the back helped a lot, probably at this point Anna's and Simi's hands started to feel lactic acid. I remember that one of the midwives said that now you should put more effort in order to get more power from those contractions and not to blow too much with exhalation. We tried to find a good effort position. At some point during the change of position, a bad contraction suddenly came and I lost control of it. It was the only time I felt a contraction as hard pain, and the only time I screamed, before that the contractions felt more like intense sensations. The bladder was also emptied with a catheter at some point to facilitate the delivery, because the bladder was extremely full.

Oh yes, the midwife had also changed before this. There were two younger ones and one of them was a student, they were really lovely and affectionate. The empathy I received and the encouragement helped me cope.

The baby's head started to be visible and the doctor was quickly called to the scene, as far as I can tell, the heart sounds started to go a little in a bad direction. At this point, the pushing had to be hastened and I was put on my back with my chin against my chest and advised to push hard. I put in the effort and my body also thought that NOW! I put everything into the game for the last contraction, it felt like there was no time left to wait for the next one. I wanted to avoid the suction cup until the very end. I tried even though it felt like a vein would break in my head. Fortunately, it didn't break. The doctor quickly performed an episiotomy, maybe it was necessary at this point, but there was no time to think about it any further.
A little one slipped out!

Active labor had lasted 22h 30min!

Oh my god what a relief! She was crying and it sounded somehow familiar even though I had never heard her voice before. That's where it came from, little butt, little girl. I got a lot of compliments from everyone, what a performance! Of course, they probably praise all mothers, but there was quite a winning feeling. Fingers counted, 1,2,3,4,5. Then we weighed and measured. The baby in the arms and it didn't take long before he was already sucking the breast. The placenta came out without any problems.

In the meantime stitches were put in, I had torn quite a lot (2 degree). The after-bleeding was pretty bad, I was a little scared that it wouldn't be leaking too much now, but it was normal bleeding. Putting stitches was "the worst", it felt like it took forever and was painful even when the anesthesia was applied. At this point, as I remember, I complained a little about the discomfort, started to get tired of the whole thing and just wanted to sleep with the baby.
Well, that was soon over too. The last talks with the doula and little by little we were able to move to the baby ward, Anna wanted to help with showering, but it was definitely not needed.

We wanted a family room, and we finally got it.

The next couple of days were quite euphoric, I experienced a really nice and rose-colored so-called baby bubble Fortunately, the hormones worked as they should and the milk came in well even though I had an epidural and oxytocin.

It was concluded with my husband that: no damn! Luckily there was a doula, nothing would have come of it otherwise. I would probably have had a caesarean section without Anna's support, guidance and encouragement!
I only realized that afterwards, I would probably have been pretty panicked with my husband without a doula.

Looking back, it turned out really well despite the circumstances. I lasted until the end, and I'm proud of the birth. The man wondered many times how I managed, he thought many times that the game had already been played. But Anna continued to encourage and remind me that everything is fine and the baby is fine and the birth is progressing normally. It took a long time, but fortunately everything went well and, on top of that, a really healthy and wonderful baby was born.
I recovered really well from the birth, even though it was difficult and I had an episiotomy. I got IV ferritin when requested, hb came back up nicely.

I'm really satisfied with the doula's help and next time (after all this I'm already thinking about the next time!) I could also imagine hiring Anna for the birth. I also felt that I got help from a zone therapist, he also visited us when the baby was about 3-4 weeks old to give him treatment against colic. It was a really effective treatment. In the next pregnancy, I could really do spinning babies more regularly and also go to reflexology regularly.

- Selina Holmbacka

Hypnobirthing story

Birth narratives 2019 and 2017. First written empowering birth experience, then more challenging.

I had a wonderful and restorative water birth a month ago. I attended hypnobirthing training and practiced relaxation and breathing techniques during pregnancy. Labor started with contractions in the afternoon. We waited at home, and I couldn't believe that labor would actually start now. After the contractions had lasted less than 5 minutes for a few hours, we installed the tensi and started driving to the hospital (1 hour). At the hospital I was only 3 cm dilated, but we were allowed to stay in the hall. The birthing room at the Hundred Hospital was wonderful! A large canvas on the wall where you could choose the landscape yourself, dim lighting, relaxing music. When I was 6 cm dilated, I was able to move to the tub. Up until now, the contractions had been easily tolerated with the help of breathing, first tens and then water, but I also resorted to nitrous oxide (what a great relief). In the end, I got the feeling that I need something else now (I was wondering if I could be completely open already and if now is the moment that was talked about in the hypnobirthing), the midwife examined and stated that I am completely open and as soon as I feel that way I can push. It took 6 minutes and the baby was born in the water, all the steps went "according to the textbook" like that feeling at the end that I can't do this without proper medication. However, it was so great that I didn't need an epidural and recovering from this birth has been so much easier!

The birth of the first child was more challenging. The first child was started around year 42. The start was started on Monday and the baby was born on Wednesday. Monday-Tuesday I received cytos that caused contractions every 5-10 minutes, but they were ineffective. On Wednesday, I already had some contractions myself and no more cytos were given, the doctor punctured the membranes, at this moment I was only 2 cm dilated, but the membrane was visible enough to be punctured. We moved to the hall and I asked for an epidural because I started to feel so tired after I had already been awake for 2 days. When the epidural was applied, I had a very strong urge to exert myself and my body shook. After the epidural, the midwife noted (and was surprised) that I'm fully dilated and we started pushing. The epidural took a while, I didn't really feel anything, how to push. After a couple of minutes of pushing, the baby's heartbeat disappeared. A doctor and nursing staff were called to the scene with an emergency cart. It was a time of chaos, the nurses were screaming at the top of their lungs, an operation was performed on the uterus and luckily the baby was born when the doctor said that if there is no birth now, an emergency C-section. When the baby was born, the midwife said "oh, the scalp cord has broken", so luckily the baby didn't really have anything to worry about. The only thing that saddened me was the wasted effort and the "too fast" effort phase. I was really sore after giving birth.

It's unbelievable how in good shape I was right after giving birth, I was able to walk normally and sit, which took a couple of weeks after the first child. Thanks to hypnobirthing coaching/Anna

- Terhi

Mom's feedback:

My whole family is very happy and thankful to have had Anna as doula for my delivery in Pori hospital. 

From the very beginning she was very much responsive and explained all our questions promptly. I contacted couple doulas while searching for one, but Anna’s response made it all very clear. All in all, because of the approach, Anna gained our trust and we honestly felt much supported and safe about the birth & preparation for it as well. 

Anna is a reliable, trustworthy, co-operative and gentle person full of empathy. 

I highly recommend Anna as a doula ! She is truly there for the mom-to-be. 

- Janka

Feedback eines Vaters:


Die Geburt unseres ersten Kindes war recht kompliziert und wir kamen nur ganz knapp an einem Kaiserschnitt vorbei, so dass meine Frau mit Sorgen auf die zweite Geburt schaute. Als sie mir dann die Idee vorstellte, zur Geburt eine Doula mitzunehmen, dachte ich nur „Natürlich, alles was es dir leichter macht, ist gut!“ Schließlich musste nicht ich das Kind gebären ;-)

Als es dann aber soweit war, war ich so erleichtert, denn Anna mit ihrer freundlichen und einfühlsamen Art war nicht nur meiner Frau eine enorme Hilfe! Der Geburtsablauf war so anders, dass es wie ein neues erstes Mal war. Dementsprechend war ich dankbar, jemanden dabei zu haben, der nicht nur mit dem Ablauf, sonder auch insbesondere mit den Wünschen und Bedürfnissen meiner Frau vertraut war. So manches kann die Gebärende von ihrer Doula besser annehmen als von ihrem Mann, insbesondere während der Wehen. Natürlich hat mich all das nicht von meinen Aufgaben und Pflichten entbunden, das wollte ich auch gar nicht; aber es war eine unglaubliche Unterstützung und hat es mir erlaubt, nicht vollkommen vereinnahmt zu werden, sondern die Geburt noch bewusster zu erleben.
Für all das bin ich extrem dankbar! Ohne Anna wäre diese Geburt nicht das wunderschöne und sogar heilende Erlebnis geworden, das es so wurde!

Noch ein Wort für alle deutschsprachigen: Ein weiterer riesengroßer Bonus war, dass Anna perfekt deutsch spricht! Einige Hebammen sprachen zwar ziemlich gut Englisch, andere aber auch nicht. Auch hier hat Anna uns soviel abgenommen, was sonst die Geburt unnötig anstrengender gemacht hätte.

- Michel


Feedback of a Dad:

The birth of our first child was quite complicated and we only narrowly avoided a caesarean section, so my wife was worried about the second birth. When she presented me with the idea of taking a doula with me to the birth, I just thought, “Of course, anything that makes it easier for you is good!” After all, I didn’t have to give birth to the child ;-)

But when the time came, I was so relieved because Anna, with her friendly and sensitive nature, was not only a huge help to my wife! The birth process was so different that it was like a new first time. Accordingly, I was grateful to have someone there who was familiar not only with the process, but also with my wife's wishes and needs. The woman giving birth can accept some things better from her doula than from her husband, especially during labor. Of course, all of this didn't release me from my tasks and duties; I didn't want that at all; but it was an incredible support and allowed me not to be completely absorbed, but to experience the birth even more consciously.
I am extremely grateful for all of this! Without Anna, this birth would not have been the wonderful and even healing experience that it was!

Another word for all German speakers: Another huge bonus was that Anna speaks perfect German! While some midwives spoke English fairly well, others didn't. Here too, Anna took so much from us that would otherwise have made the birth unnecessarily more strenuous.

Doula feedback:

As a first-time mom, I wanted to have all the support I could possibly have for the birth. After reading Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read, I knew that I wanted to try a natural birth. Anna led me through hypnobirthing techniques and showed me additional natural tools I could use to facilitate calm birthing, however, she made me feel safe to know that if I felt I needed drugs to help me through to get to a calm mental space, that would also be a valid choice. (Turns out, I didn't need it!) Because of Anna's knowledge of the hospital, she was really effective at advocating for our birth wishes and her calm presence and guidance was indispensable at the most intense stage of the labor. If you are worried about your partner feeling left out because you have a doula - don't worry! Anna actually showed my partner how to be more involved. With her guidance, he felt confident in helping me. It made our experience even more special. Especially if you are a first-time mom, you won't regret having Anna as your doula!

- Jasmine


Doula feedback in Russian:

Отзыв Доула Анна Мултанен


Ещё до беременности я изучала информацию о естественных родах, без лекарственной анестезии. Тогда я и наткнулась на информацию про доул, кто они такие, что делают и т.д. и мне очень захотелось, чтобы и у меня на родах была доула, точнее, я почувствовала, что так будет правильно.


И вот, случилось чудо – я забеременела.

Мне 40 лет и это мой первый ребенок.


После долгих размышлений и поисков я увидела в своей консультации на доске объявлений визитку Анны Мултанен и решение было принято. Я позвонила Анне, мы обсудили детали и стали ждать часа Х.


Дочка не торопилась, и через две недели после ПДРмне назначили искусственную стимуляцию. Это не входило в мои планы, и я обратилась к Анне за помощью.
Она помогла запустить процесс родов гомеопатическими препаратами и кроме этого посоветовала пройти пару сеансов рефлексотерапии. И ура! - в ночь перед ИС начались схватки.


Анна следила, чтобы вродзале все пункты моего списка пожеланий четко соблюдались. В те часы доула ощущалась как самый близкий друг, которому можно доверять. Это сильно успокаивало и мне было очень комфортно, потому что я могла сосредоточиться на чём-то своём.



Мне понравились полная уверенность в своих действиях и спокойствие доулы, тихое присутствие рядом, и я поняла, что не ошиблась - это именно тот человек, которого я искала! Анна позаботилась обо всём - ароматерапия, совместное дыхание, вода, соки и прочая помощь в нужный момент; об обстановке в ванной комнате, где прошла часть схваток, и в родовом зале - свечи, приглушённый свет, расслабляющая музыка... Получится очень длинный отзыв, если я все буду описывать.


Когда дочка родилась, я чувствовала себя очень хорошо, как физически, так и душевно, потому что всё прошло очень гладко, без нервов и без спешки.


Анна приезжала навестить нас через пару недель после рождения дочери. Было очень приятно снова встретиться и обсудить сами роды и ГВ с компетентным человеком.


Мой муж сначала был категорически против помощи со стороны. Но после он сказал мне, что рад тому, что у нас была доула.


Анна! Я всегда буду искренне благодарна тебе за мои прекрасные роды! Ведь это одно из самых важных событий в жизни женщины! Все прошло замечательно и именно так, как я хотела и на что настраивалась.





Review of Doula Anna Multanen


Even before pregnancy, I studied information about natural childbirth, without drug anesthesia. Then I came across information about doulas, who they are, what they do, etc. and I really wanted to have a doula at my birth, or rather, I felt that it would be right.


And then a miracle happened - I became pregnant.

I am 40 years old and this is my first child.


After much thought and searching, I saw Anna Multanen’s business card on my consultation board and the decision was made. I called Anna, we discussed the details and began to wait for X hour.


My daughter was in no hurry, and two weeks after the PDR I was prescribed artificial stimulation. This was not part of my plans, and I turned to Anna for help.
She helped start the birth process with homeopathic medicines and also advised me to undergo a couple of reflexology sessions. And hurray! - the night before the IS, contractions began.


Anna made sure that all the items on my wish list were strictly followed in the nursing room. During those hours, the doula felt like the closest friend you could trust. It was very calming and I felt very comfortable because I could concentrate on something of my own.



I liked the complete confidence in my actions and the calmness of the doula, the quiet presence next to me, and I realized that I was not mistaken - this is exactly the person I was looking for! Anna took care of everything - aromatherapy, joint breathing, water, juices and other help at the right time; about the situation in the bathroom, where some of the contractions took place, and in the birthing room - candles, dim lights, relaxing music... It will turn out to be a very long review if I describe everything.


When my daughter was born, I felt very good, both physically and mentally, because everything went very smoothly, without nerves and without haste.


Anna came to visit us a couple of weeks after the birth of my daughter. It was very nice to meet again and discuss the birth itself and breastfeeding with a competent person.


At first my husband was categorically against outside help. But afterward he told me that he was glad that we had a doula.


Anna! I will always be sincerely grateful to you for my wonderful birth! After all, this is one of the most important events in a woman’s life! Everything went great and exactly as I wanted and was expecting.


This is a song my clients Enbär and Salli made for me. It's called Doula/Waterwise.

Doula feedback

When I found out I was pregnant, I almost panicked. Even though I am over 40 years old and have done challenging things in my life, I was very scared. My friends' birth experiences have been depressing and scary to hear, to say the least. Who has managed to die and who has been operated on after two days of agony.


I wanted a good birth and peace of mind. Before I got the news after telling my husband, I did some research about childbirth and found Anna. I read every birth story on these pages and thought that I want to get to know this person. When we first met, I think I loaded a really huge battery of questions, all kinds of more and less stellar - by then I had time to think about a lot of things that worried me.


At the first meeting, Anna talked to me about hypnobirthing and told me how childbirth doesn't have to be horrible. I fell in love with the idea that childbirth would be a drug-free, relaxed and peaceful experience. For the coming months, Anna coached me and my spouse in childbirth. Although I had studied biology at university and I thought I had a great command of human anatomy and biology, I learned a lot of new things. All this learning gave me a strong experience that I would be able to influence my own birth and by preparing properly it would be a good experience.


After I told Anna about my fear of the hospital, she told me about home birth, which I hadn't even heard of as an option until then. I found out about it and fell in love with the idea of giving birth at home in a bathtub with beautiful background music playing and a space gently lit by candlelight.


However, my dreams were renewed when my blood pressure started to rise and I sometimes had to go to the hospital for observation. I received medication, which only partially helped, and the pregnancy was started to be monitored on a weekly basis. The start-up discussion was always present, and for five weeks I balanced with medication and diet so that the child could be born on his own time without starting.


This meant that my dream of an atmospheric home birth would have been too dangerous for both me and the baby. We modified the plan and ended up giving birth to Lohja. In the end, labor had to be started, but only a week after the calculated time. Anna came to help us at the hospital when the birth was already advanced. Anna's calm grips and encouragement helped me to relax even more and I had the natural birth I had hoped for, which I am satisfied with despite the hospital conditions.


The most important thing for me has been the fact that I got a lot of information and reassurance from Anna about how childbirth progresses and how to prepare for its different stages. I wasn't scared and I intuitively knew how to facilitate the birth based on all the information I had received from Anna. I learned a lot about what things I could influence myself and how. My husband also knew what to expect and he therefore knew how to be a great support throughout the birth.


I really appreciate Anna's work. I have received a lot of help during difficult times and tips on where to get more help both before and after the birth. Without Anna's doula, I would probably have been one additional voice in the chorus of people complaining about their terrible childbirth experiences, their tearing and the fact that no one understands. Right now I have the pleasure of being a healthy mother of a small, healthy boy who could give birth even again and recommend it as a positive experience to others as well.

- Hanna

Doula feedback

An expert, excellent and personable doula, who works out of love, and does not prioritize fear and risks, as so many unfortunately do!!

With his professionalism, the birth progressed at a good pace, in a good spirit, and with his support I was able to have an organic water birth that exceeded expectations and banished all fears! Thanks a million again!! Great service, strong recommendation!!

- Laura Salmelainen

Doula feedback

The birth was a long and difficult experience, but with the help of Anna and her humor, the birth did not seem like a bad experience at all.

- Calista Wendelin-Salmikunnas

Doula feedback

Anna is really professional and intuitive. His presence created a safe environment for me to give birth. Anna was very helpful and I got a lot of useful aids for childbirth from her. It was also nice to talk to like-minded people and get to know each other more deeply. A happy home birth family thanks you.

- Noora Salmio


Hypnobirthing feedback

My husband and I applied for Anna's hypnobirthing training when we needed concrete ways to relax and manage pain during childbirth. By the calculated time, only about a year would pass from the birth of the first child. The birth of the first child had been fast and violent, and as a result there was a bad third-degree tear. After I had gone through the previous birth, I started to think about the possibility of another vaginal birth and I wanted ways to stay as physically relaxed as possible to prevent another rupture and maintain a sense of control. During the coaching visits, relaxation and breathing techniques as well as childbirth were thoroughly covered, and it was easy to return to them through the Relaxed childbirth online course included in the coaching. A birth wish list was written with the man, as well as the man's own checklist for the birth; what she should remember to do during childbirth and we practiced and wrote down the ways in which she can support the mother's relaxation and pain management.


The baby's birth started with the amniotic fluid breaking at midnight (I had to go to the hospital quickly to get an antibiotic drip before the birth). At first, the tension hit so hard that my hands were shaking, but during the car ride I was able to calm myself down by breathing calmly and relaxing my body, so that my heart rate was a calm 70 at the delivery reception. I stayed at the reception with my husband to wait for the contractions to start, which started soon and suddenly seemed to intensify quickly. My husband's Tens device had already been set up and I had to quickly increase the power. Already at 5-6, the contraction was so strong that I used the long ommmm syllable as a birth song during it. At the same time, I recognized the need to push and we quickly alerted the midwife back to the room. During the pause in the contractions, she found that the cervix was suddenly already 6 cm open and we quickly went to the delivery room. The spinal anesthesia I was hoping for was ordered, but it was not at all certain whether it would arrive in time. The experienced midwife herself was calm and told us all the time what was happening (we had also put this wish in the birth wish list).


The contractions were strong, but I managed them with deep inhalation and om chanting. However, I noticed from my own body that I can't get it to relax during contractions and I also used the midwife's provided happy gas, which helped to relax and deepen inhalation. The TENS device was also still helpful. With these methods, I stayed very calm and involved in the situation. 10 minutes after moving to the gym, the cervix was already fully 10 cm open and just then the anesthesiologist arrived with spinal anesthesia. This anesthesia was very suitable for fast-moving labor and naturally very strong uterine contractions. It also made a short pause in the contractions before the beginning of the effort phase. First I wondered if the anesthesia took away the feeling so strongly that I don't feel the contractions and if the effort phase is prolonged. Soon, however, they started to feel mostly like a strong pressure. I had planned in advance to push lightly with J-breathing so that the baby's exit would be as slow as possible. The midwife said that the baby will move down well with the help of the breath. A small perineal surgery was done at my own request, so that the risk of another large tear would be as low as possible. The baby slipped into the world calmly and gently in a serene mood, the body was slightly turned. The effort phase was over in 14 minutes and the baby was in my arms. The episitomy was sutured, there were no other tears or stitches. The midwife thought that it might not even have been necessary to do surgery. He also said that pushing with j-breathing might have helped the child come out slowly enough if the spinal anesthesia hadn't arrived. I recovered well from childbirth, I didn't even need painkillers or a cold wrap. The wave breathing of hypnobirthing was a working method for post-contractions.


The birth was a positive and restorative experience. I've been happy that the child was able to come into the world in such a beautiful and peaceful way, and that in the end I had the courage to choose a vaginal delivery (at first, due to the tear and previous chaotic birth, I thought I couldn't do anything other than a C-section). The methods of hypnobirthing coaching helped to relax and stay calm and control the feeling of pain so that there was no panic and a feeling of moving outside of one's own body and the situation. The husband also received very good tips and concrete tasks and ways to support the mother before and during childbirth. I would also recommend the course to first-time mothers as an additional counseling training. If after the first birth you felt like someone who had been in a car crash, now you feel like you ran your first marathon and had a good time.


- Pirita

Hypnobirthing feedback

I'm writing this message with the baby on the breast 😄❤️ So we'll have a problem tomorrow once in a while when the baby was born on Saturday morning, year 39+4.


Here is a little birth story that you can share among the course participants if you wish.


On Friday evening, we were eating with friends at Holy Smoke, and during the day it hadn't felt like labor was going to start yet. However, I decided to order a fiery Burger if it would help start labor. We went to bed after midnight. It felt like it was really hard to fall asleep because my body was in overdrive. At that point I already had the feeling that something was going to happen. After one, the amniotic fluid went to bed. I called my brother-in-law, who was told that you can stay at home for a maximum of 12 hours, when you should show up at the latest. However, the contractions started immediately, and I went to bed to try to sleep some more. Nothing came of sleeping, however, because the contractions were really strong and they came quite frequently. I warmed up an oat bag on my lower back and listened to relaxation sounds. Four countries already had to tune in TENS. In five countries, the grandparents were called to take care of the firstborn, who was sleeping in the same bed without waking up, blissfully unaware of what was going on around him. The contractions weren't timed at any point, but at this point they came about every minute and during them you really had to focus on relaxing. I leaned on Timo with all my weight. It felt like a good way to take contractions.


We arrived at the hospital a little before six. Luckily it was a short trip. At the hospital, we went to the procedure room, where the purpose was to take a curve for 20 minutes continuously. Lying down felt challenging during contractions. I felt like I had to always stand up during contractions. The sensors didn't want to stay in place, the nurse was constantly fixing them, and the curve was broken. The midwife did a sub-examination, which concluded that 3 cm was open and there was still 2 cm left in the canal. I was amazed because it felt like the child would be born soon. At this point, it only took a few strong contractions, when it started to feel like I had to make an effort soon. I moved to the bed to lie down. The midwife concluded that I was 10 cm dilated and called another midwife over. A midwife student also came along. So here, 3 cm open --> 10 cm open was no more than 10 minutes. I didn't have time/couldn't move to the delivery room at this point. I moved to his side to push on. The effort phase lasted 7 minutes and didn't feel very painful. I acted on my instincts and breathed and at the same time pushed the baby lower, so I probably did "J-breathing". The baby was in good supply and was born in a controlled manner so that there were no tears. The baby was alert and well when he was born at 6:42. Dimensions 3730 g and 50 cm. The placenta was born in less than half an hour. I also felt really good after giving birth.


So the birth lasted less than 6 hours, counting from the start of the amniotic fluid / contractions. It wasn't even an hour before the girl was born in the operating room. The pain relief methods were an oat bag, TENS and the relaxation techniques of the course. The most important thing is that everything goes naturally when the body and mind are prepared for the experience, in which case fear was not present at any point. We only moved to the delivery room after the baby was born. After the birth, we were already suggested to go home early and we went home after one night in the hospital. I received feedback from the midwives about how well I breathed through the contractions. I felt that I could relax myself well between contractions, even though the contractions were frequent. I think I was always on top of the situation and at no point did I feel any panic. Timosta was an absolutely invaluable help during the birth and he had internalized the lessons of the course very well, which made it easy for him to go with the flow. I got a lot of strength from his calm nature and encouraging words. The fact that I was able to rely on him both mentally and physically was perhaps the most important thing of all, that I could focus on giving birth in a relaxed way and go with the feeling in my own birthing bubble. So the course was really useful in my opinion and in Timo's opinion. I had thought that I wanted a bath, but now I didn't have time for one. Although everything happened very quickly, we are both really happy about this birth experience and this wonderful baby! ❤️ Greetings to the other course participants and cheers for the final pregnancy and birth.



Anu and Timo

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