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Mother Blessing party

Mother Blessing party

I would be happy to host a Mother Blessing party for pregnant mothers. These parties are a more spiritual and ceremonial alternative to the traditional Baby Shower.

Mother Blessing parties can be organized either at the customer's home (or at the home of their organizer) or at Soulgarden's premises at the yoga studio in Seinäjoki. The party is a wonderful surprise for the expectant mother! The content of the party can be customized individually and the price is determined by the duration and content as well as the location. Travel expenses are added to the price of parties organized at the customer's home.


What kind of program the Mother Blessing celebration can include:

- pampering treatment for the mother (e.g. Reiki treatment, gua sha combing)

- a wonderful herbal foot bath for mom

- crafting power phrase cards together for the mother to read during childbirth

- crafting a power jewelry for mom together

- eating together

- joint meditation or group hypnosis or individual hypnosis or meditation just for the mother

- shaman drum ceremony or drum circle

- drawing power cards from card decks

- cocoa ceremony

- a joint gift for mother, e.g. essential oil or mala jewelry

- belly painting for mom

Price starting from 350 e

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